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BeitragThema: Textwitze ;)   Do Dez 31, 2009 9:35 am

Well Its an old one but its at least the first time I write this in English so maybe you.ll laugh -.^

At an swallow evening after a day of Hard work Jhonny takes a visit to a Bar in the outskirts of his hometown
upon entering the Bar he noticed a big Jar with Money
he asked the Barkeeper about it and the Barkeeper said
"Ah This is about a Bet we have in this Bar if you want to try you have to put some money into it as well"
After thinking for a moment he puts in some money
"Well" said the Barkeeper and began to explain the Bet "I will give you 3 Tasks if you fulfill them you get all the money in the Jar"

"The first taks is to Drink up this 1 Litre Bottle of Bacardi in one go without dropping to the floor or throwing up"
"The second is to get out the bad tooth of our Watchdog outside in the Yard"
"And the thrid is to give my Old Mother in law her first orgasm in the last 30 years"

After hearing the condition Jhonny didnt think long and declined
but later at the evening when he was already drunk he went to the Barkeeper and put up some money into the Jar again while yelling
"Hey Bartender Gimme that Bottle of Bacardi i.ll show you how you do this"

For surprise to the other guests he stood true to his Word and drank up the whole Bottle of Bacardi in one go without even pulling an eyelid.

After that he went to the yard outside
for a few moments the guests heard screams and than a loud howling of the Watchdog
then it went silent
the Barkeeper worried about Jhonny was just about to went outside but before he reached the door Jhonny came back inside

slowly regaining his breath Jhonny faced towards the Barkeeper

"Hey Bartender now tell me where is that Old Hag with her bad tooth"

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Textwitze ;)
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